Adventist Credit Card Launched, Doesn’t Work on Sabbath – Adventist Today

SILVER SPRING, Md.—The Adventist credit card launched today with several unique features.

Credit cards are available exclusively through ABC stores and will not work on Shabbat.

“Our credit card is designed to be declined when used between sunset Friday and sunset Saturday,” said ABC spokeswoman Pam Flett.

He explained that the card was introduced to prevent Adventists from going out to eat on the Sabbath.

“If you try to use your Adventist credit card on the Sabbath, your pastor will be notified,” says Flett.

He added that anyone who signs up for an Adventist credit card will be entitled to half price on the carob chip cookies “which nearly every ABC store tries to get rid of anyway.”

Flett was asked by a reporter whether debts on credit cards would be forgiven every seventh year according to Old Testament Jewish custom.

He responded by adding the journalist’s name to the list of potential applicants who were automatically disapproved for the new card.

This article originally appeared on BarelyAdventist, a humor and satire website for Adventists who believe in laughter.

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