Ark Server Hosting

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Ark Server Hosting

Ark Server Hosting

ARK: Survival Evolved is a fully explosive global multiplayer game. Have you ever wondered how to host an Ark server?

Ark: Survival Evolved Server Hosting: Rent Your Gg Host Game Server

In today’s guide, we explore how to do this. We also narrow down the best Ark server hosting options, so you can have a smooth gaming experience.

ScalaCube is a very simple option for hosting Ark Survival servers. You get instant setup and support for all maps and mods. The plan comes with an impressive 32GB of RAM, which is double the amount needed to run the most resource-intensive Ark expansion. Full review

HostHavoc has one of the best Ark server control panels, using the TCAdmin V2 platform. Users also get full FTP and command line access. DDoS protection is second to none. You get a 3 day cooling off period to test the service. Full review

The good Ark servers Shockbyte use the Multicraft control panel to easily manage the world of 125 players. You can install content automatically and, if you are more experienced, you can get full access to FTP and server console for manual configuration. Server locations include Singapore and Australia. Full review

Best Ark: Survival Evolved Server Hosting Providers In 2022

If you’re concerned about setting up a dedicated server for Ark, ServerBlend is one of the easiest to set up. In fact, there is little need for configuration due to the almost instant activation and installation of the mod. When you start, all new releases can be applied automatically. You can also choose to pay the group to share the cost among your tribe. Full review

Survival servers provide some of the most feature-rich Ark PVE servers on the market. Not only does Ark provide the server hosting that PC users are looking for, it can also host PS4 servers. There are also auto-update mods and up to 255 player slots. What more do you need? Full review

GTX Gaming has a plan with a lot of RAM for the Genesis 2 and many useful features. From automatic mod updates to off-site backups, you’ll have no problem setting up and maintaining your Ark Survival Evolved hosting server. You can even switch to another game if you want to try something new. Full review

Ark Server Hosting

Nitrous Networks offers Survival Evolved PC hosting that users can enjoy with minimal technical knowledge. Additional community features such as Mumble Voice chat and the Enjin clan website are great additions for players in tight groups who enjoy socializing in and out of the game. Full review

Best Ark Server Hosting Companies (2022 Reviews)

Low MS probably has the best ship server keyboard for mods. Includes one click and automatic updates. Its servers are almost all over the world. When you need help, just click on the Discord chat. Before legally committing to a plan, customers receive a 5-day money-back guarantee. Full review

GameServers has one of the largest data centers on Ark hosts. You can choose from Australia to South Africa and Japan. Its custom dashboard is a cut above the rest. You also get full FTP access and an automatic update mode. Full review

Nodecraft is one of the few providers that offers free Ark server hosting that PC users can try out. Although this trial period only works for 24 hours, it does not require a credit card, so you will not be charged. The Ark control panel is great and server management can be done on the go with the mobile app! Full review

PingPerfect’s Ark-ready server is available for $13.87 and supports all mods and DLC. To test the service, you can try a two-day free trial. As well as all the expected game hosting features, you get an extra 1 GB of space to develop a community site for your clan. Full review

How To Change Ark Server Settings

GPortal provides Ark server hosting for PC users as well as PS4 options. You get multiple server locations and over 1,000 slots for PC players. All plans come with a top-of-the-line NVMe SSD hard drive, and have enough juice to support Genesis Part 2 and the new Crystal Isle map. Full review

Citadel Ark dedicated servers start at $0.85 per player slot and continue to provide excellent value for money. All DLC is supported with automatic updates. API access is available for easy scripting, and clustering across multiple servers couldn’t be easier. Full review

ScalaCube provides hosting for Ark Survival Evolved Server along with many other games like Minecraft that are exclusive to it. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel, automatic configuration and a 24/7 uptime promise. You get great results no matter where you are as the server options include Europe, USA and UK. but

Ark Server Hosting

ScalaCube uses an automated installation process, so your server is ready in minutes. You can then access the online control panel to further adjust it to your liking. You get a dedicated Ark server, so all the promised resources are reserved for you and your family.

How To Create An Ark Server Hosting For Android

There is nothing worse than an adversary or unscrupulous networker who decides to bombard your Ark hosting server with traffic to bring it down. Fortunately, as an advantage to standard server security, ScalaCube has advanced DDoS protection. And it promises 24/7 hours, so you can play day and night without fear of going down.

Of course, sometimes there is scheduled maintenance, but you will be notified in advance. Plus, if you have any security issues, customer support is just a few clicks away.

Your dedicated Ark server uses powerful drives for optimal gaming. This reduces the possibility of lag in the game at the hardware level. The first load may take a few minutes if you have a lot of mods installed, but once it starts, everything works fine.

The price is a good value for this level of performance. Technically, you get free Ark server hosting, with account opening and installation at no cost. However, this is just a marketing ploy. Prices start at $19 per month for 20 players and go up to $48 per month for 120 people.

How To Create An Ark: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server Guide

All Ark dedicated servers share the same resources. This is more than enough to support 120 simultaneous players and powerful expansion packs.

ScalaCube has several tutorials on the games it hosts. For Ark, you can learn to set a password for personal privacy, enable timed events in the game, add custom maps, etc.

If you want a direct response, you can submit a ticket online. The consensus among users is that customer support is fast and helpful.

Ark Server Hosting

We weren’t too impressed with the hidden cancellation request page. We’ve also seen a few stories of customers who waited too long for support to take care of them.

Determining Exact Server Locations For Ark: Survival Evolved

Basically, ScalaCube has everything you need for a seamless and feature-rich Ark server. The plans are affordable and easily scalable. Additionally, all mods are available, with Ark crossplay between Steam and Epic Games. The hardware is also amazing, but needs more love for Aussie players.

HostHavoc will set up your Ark Survival Evolved dedicated server in minutes. The popular game host provides users with full FTP access and a command manager. Additionally, mods are easy to install using TCADMIN V2’s powerful control panel.

Installing mods and DLC on Ark servers is easy. Just browse the library and choose what to upload. Current maps can be replaced in seconds with a single click.

Everything from the annihilation to Genesis 1 and 2 is here. Epic and Steam versions are also supported, meaning you can add as many workshop items as you want.

Cheap Ark Server Hosting

More technically savvy server administrators get command line access, so you can install ARK server credentials. However, newbies don’t need much technical knowledge, as it’s good to get things out of the box.

The TCAdmin panel has all the options you need, from changing the tickrate to improving FPS or adding cheats like God Mode.

The web interface and FTP client are great for accessing and managing files. You can restore the Ark database and install API plugins. There is also a web installation for Steam Workshop files, APIs and extensions.

Ark Server Hosting

With dedicated server hosting worldwide, Ark provides a strong connection, regardless of your location or location. 10 data centers are located in:

How To Join An Ark: Survival Evolved Server Using The Epic Games Launcher

Access to the control panel is secured with 2-step verification. The server handles UDP flooding and Source Engine attacks with advanced DDoS prevention.

All Ark Private Server plans come with a 3-day money-back guarantee and 99.9% uptime. Installation is instant and login details are emailed within minutes.

Unlike others, HostHavoc doesn’t talk about the actual CPU, but it can host the game. If you are in doubt, you can pay extra

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