Bismarck floodplain management improves flood insurance premium discount for residents

Bismarck and extra-territorial area residents are now entitled to a greater discount on most flood insurance policies issued or renewed after April 1, due to the better class rating.

The discount has increased from 10% to 15% following the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s approval to move the city from a Class 8 to a Class 7 rating in the Community Rating System program.

The Community Rating System program recognizes and encourages a comprehensive approach to floodplain management. The City of Bismarck is one of more than 1,500 communities participating in the voluntary CRS Program since 2017.

These savings are the result of Bismarck’s floodplain management activities to protect lives and reduce property damage, according to the city of Bismarck.

Residents who have flood insurance premiums or plan to purchase flood insurance should contact their insurance provider for more information about the 15% discount. The National Flood Insurance Program Community ID that applies to Bismarck and ETA residents is 380149.

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