Budget Direct Insurance Takes a Stand Against Rising Motoring Costs in New Campaign

SINGAPORE, March 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Budget Direct Insurance says its latest ad campaign aims to capture the current frustration of rising auto costs. Singaporean drivers are fed up with record COE prices and the generally higher running costs of cars and motorbikes. That’s according to award-winning Budget Direct Insurance, which has launched innovative marketing initiatives that aim to clearly communicate brands as the best value, smarter insurance option for consumers.

Targeted at Singaporeans seeking a better value, the campaign continues to use the insurance company’s own mascot named Budsy, the sock puppet that has become the centerpiece of many of Budget Direct Insurance’s marketing and advertising drives.

This time consumers can see Budsy in a new role as General Secretary of the fictitious Budget Action Party (BAP) where he leads Singaporeans in the quest for better value.

Simon BirchesCEO of Budget Direct Insurance, said: “Budsy as chairman of the Budget Action Party (BAP) is a great vehicle for us to show that we are a modern digital insurance brand that likes to do things differently. disgruntled value seekers, who are fed up with rising prices and want to help Singaporeans find a better deal on their auto and motorcycle insurance.

“This has been a challenging 12 months following the ongoing and ongoing pandemic Ukraine crisis. And like the rest of the world, we feel the pinch here in Singapore. At Budget Direct Insurance we understand that every penny counts and many families are living on increasingly tight budgets. Because of this, we hope our marketing initiatives resonate with motorists and capture the current mood.”

Campaign Pushing Boundaries Singapore

The marketing campaign for auto insurance pushes boundaries in Singapore

The marketing campaign for auto insurance pushes boundaries in Singapore

The campaign continues to support “Pay Less or Get $100*“Offers, he said one of them Singapore the most attractive car insurance promotions.

Budsy was featured in a series of new online ads, as well as print and radio ads around town. The ad is intended to encourage consumers to beat the price of auto insurance from insurance companies; if other insurance premiums are cheaper than Budget Direct, for the same level of coverage, the consumer will receive $100*even if they don’t buy.

Cohort Communications, the Singapore the advertising agency behind Budsy, mascot for Budget Direct Insurance and creator of the campaign, said: “We are excited to be part of this exciting campaign for Budget Direct. We believe the boundaries of traditional insurance communication need to be pushed to show how customers can enjoy a better deal.” It’s bold, on-brand and positions Budget Direct Insurance as a digital company that strives to put the customer first when shaking up the industry.”

Birch adds that by shopping around and getting smarter, consumers can actually save money on their insurance. “Our customers tell us they have saved up to 20 percent on motor insurance when they switch to coverage comparable to Budget Direct Insurance.”

Indeed, an independent study by consumer researcher Value Champion found Budget Direct Insurance offerings Singapore cheapest comprehensive auto insurance and cheapest comprehensive package for safe motorcyclists.

Meanwhile, the digital online insurance company said it would continue to demonstrate that Budget Direct Insurance is a smart choice for consumers who are not only interested in low prices but also good service and a brand they can trust. It aims to do this by leveraging its customer reviews and customer service awards, including being a four-time winner of the independent Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award, which is awarded for providing exceptional customer service, based on customer feedback and reviews.

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About Insurance Direct Budget

Budget Direct Insurance is an award-winning online digital insurance company for cars, motorcycles and travel. It is part of an international group that provides insurance solutions to millions of policyholders around the world. Their brands include EasyCompare in ThailandCompare Markets in United Kingdom, Direct Budget in Australiaand Telesure in south Africa.

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