Council Votes to Require Gas Stations to Post Credit Card Price

Gas stations will be required to post credit card prices and not just rock bottom gas prices under the unanimous law passed Tuesday by the Montgomery County Council.

If signed into law by the Elrich Executive, it will enter into force 60 days later.

“At its core, this is a consumer protection bill,” said Councilman Gabe Albornoz, the bill’s main sponsor. The idea is to protect citizens from fraud, he said.

Although the council hasn’t received many complaints about deceptive advertising at gas stations, Albornoz says, “It’s still important.”

By law, the words on the sign must be the same size as the other prices on the sign of the current station. Station owners can add to their existing signs or create new ones as long as they are visible to consumers.

Credit card prices can be added to the current mark for the next seven years. After that, the price must be entered in one token with all other prices.

Board Member Andrew Friedson estimates that the new requirements could cost station owners about $12,000. “These are not simple expenses,” he said.

Maryland law currently requires station owners to display the lowest regular fuel price, which is usually cash only.

“We’ve all had that moment of noting the posted price of a gallon of gas, pulling up the pump and then realizing that credit prices are much higher,” Albornoz said in a news release.

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