Credit card skimmers found at Morgan Hill bank

Image of a credit card skimmer from the Morgan Hill Police Department.

MORGAN HILL, California (KRON) — Two credit card skimmers were found at a Morgan Hill bank on Thursday, according to a Facebook post from the Morgan Hill Police Department.

MHPD was sent to Bank of America at 200 Cochrane Plaza to investigate skimmers found in two separate ATMs. A bank employee inspected the area and found a small camera hidden above the ATM’s keypad. See images related to the skimming investigation below.

The skimming incident was the latest at Morgan Hill, where a total of six skimmers were found at two Bank of America locations over the last two weeks, police said. In August, two Romanians were arrested in Morgan Hill after they were found with skimming devices.

Skimmers are often attached to credit card readers and used to gather card information and a person’s PIN number. Police advise residents to check alignment issues on card readers for possible skimmers.

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No suspects have been identified in connection with Thursday’s incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact MHPD Detective Tony Reis at (669) 253-4995 or email [email protected].

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