Critical chemo treatment nearly missed over insurance authorization question – KIRO 7 News Seattle

A cancer patient in Seattle experienced a major scare Friday when she nearly missed a critical chemotherapy appointment.

Hours before treatment, he was told he did not have an insurance authorization.

Shelly Eidsness has advanced ovarian cancer.

Doctors can remove 90% of cancers in surgery in 2021.

“We have dealt with the remaining 10%,” he said.

That meant chemotherapy, and for the first time in six months, her cancer rate dropped.

“To have that kind of progress and now have this setback, it’s devastating, it is,” Eidsness said midday Friday.

The setback he’s talking about came hours before his Friday morning meeting at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Her doctor’s office called to say it had not received insurance authorization for the last round of chemotherapy, so it couldn’t proceed.

The timing for the protocol type is very important and cannot be changed easily.

“Someone is determining the quality of my life, and whether I live or die. That’s how it feels,” said Eidsness.

No sooner had KIRO 7 started asking questions than Eidsness got a call to come in the afternoon and get treatment.

UW Medicine notifies KIRO 7 that the insurance authorization has just arrived.

The insurance company told us the authorization was there all along.

It’s not clear exactly what caused the delay, but what is clear is that Shelly Eidsness is getting treatment again, only a few hours late.

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