Customer Says Netflix Charged His Deactivated Visa Credit Card

A man shared on viral TikTok how Netflix charged his Visa card despite deactivating and tearing it, sparking discussion.

TikTok user Joey (@freshcoralblast) begins the video by asking his 819,000 followers, “Did you guys know that Netflix has a deal with the Visa company?” According to Joey, if you buy a Netflix subscription with a Visa card and then “deactivate it,” “break it,” and “remove every semblance of that card on the internet forever,” Netflix can still charge it.

The content creator says he learned this the hard way when he spoke with customer service for an hour, “back and forth” between his bank and Netflix for being charged with a card he had “ripped, deactivated, and unlinked” from his account four months ago. .

@freshcoralblast ♬ original voice – Joey

The Daily Dot reached out to Joey via TikTok comments, direct messages, Twitter direct messages, and Netflix via email regarding the video. The video amassed more than 343,000 views on Sunday, with many viewers providing explanations for why this was the case.

“This is very common, companies dealing with subscriptions can do this. It’s called Visa Account Updater. Other cards have something in common,” said one viewer.

“It’s not just Netflix. Most subscriptions can do this. That’s why you need to cancel your account with your subscription not just your card,” explained another.

“Most subscriptions are a two-way street, now. The bank tells them ‘Hey, they have a new card’ so your subscription doesn’t expire without you wanting to,” a third explained.

Several different registered companies do this as well.

“Microsoft is also doing this. I have a coworker whose card info was stolen and used to buy Game Pass and he is still being charged every month,” wrote one user.

“Lyft does too. I still use the credit card I changed 2 years ago at the Lyft,” the second comment.

“It’s not just Netflix. my cc card was stolen, they issued a new card # but hulu and tmobile keep going in #new,” said a third.

Others have shared their experiences with Netflix charging expired cards.

“Yeah. Found it when my old debit card was still being charged for Netflix I don’t use,” one person shared.

“I just found out because my card was stolen and I got a new one with a new number and everything but it’s still being charged for 3 months,” the second notes.

“Netflix took 2 years to ask me for a new card. that time I passed at least 3 cards for skimming/fraud,” said a third.

According to the Netflix website, the reason customers are charged on expired cards is because banks “automatically renew credit or debit card numbers when a new card is issued.” According to the streaming giant, this update “allows your card to continue to be billed, even if it has expired”.

The Netflix website states customers can remove or update payment information at any time from their Account page.

For a complete cancellation, they state customers can, “Go to Select Complete Cancellation. Your account will be closed at the end of your current billing cycle, and you will not be billed again.”

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*First Published: Mar 5, 2023, 8:47 a.m. CST

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