Everything About Insurance in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore FPS and can prove quite challenging especially for new players. Unforgiving combat often means you may end up losing a lot of important equipment in raids. A way to protect your loot if you die during a raid is to use the insurance mechanic available in Escape From Tarkov. Here’s everything you need to know about how insurance works at Escape From Tarkov.

Insurance in Fleeing From Tarkov

Weapons, armor, vests and other equipment that needs to be equipped on your character for use during raids can be lost if you die before extracting. You can insure the equipment with two traders in Tarkov; Therapist and Prapor. Before deploying for a raid, you have the option of insuring your Earpiece, Headwear, Face cover, Body armor, Eyewear, Tactical Rig, etc.

You cannot insure containers, Keys, Armbands, and Melee weapons that are safe. Once you approach the traitor you want to get insurance from, there is an “insure all” button that will cover anything that qualifies. All insured loot will have a golden shield icon above it. Prapor is a little cheaper to insure, however, he may take longer to return your items (20-29 hours real time) while the Therapist will return your equipment in 10-20 hours. You have 72 hours to get your equipment back if you die in an attack with Prapor compared to 144 hours with Therapist.

Note that items are returned only if no one has looted them after your death and before the end of the game session. Items are also not returned if you experience MIA (Missing in Action). You will get this status if you don’t leave the location before the in-game timer ends. In addition, if you die or drop an insured item at the Lab, it cannot be returned to you.

If you find better equipment while raiding, there are ways for you to keep your items insured. If you have an insured helmet but find a better one, hide the insured helmet somewhere on the map so it returns after the game. Even if you don’t extract, the insured helmet will be returned to you within the recovery period.

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