Former Miami Regionals employee admits to stealing $90K through credit card misuse

“In or about November 1999, the defendant was hired at the University of Miami as an administrative assistant and then became an assistant to one of the deans (in 2020),” Baker said. access to a department-issued credit card, also known as a P-Card. The defendant had expanded his credit limit from $10,000 to $12,000 while he was at the University of Miami. Despite signing an agreement prohibiting the use of P-Cards for personal purchases, the Defendant did just that.”

In late 2021, the university’s internal audit department found Bradley had forged receipts and provided misleading statements on his expense reports in an attempt to cover up the theft, according to prosecutors.

Bradley was interviewed in November 2021 “and admitted to using Adobe Pro to complete changes to PDF files and to pay for his vacation in Florida, among other things, with his P-Card,” Baker said.

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“The records reveal unlawful purchases, too numerous to list, many of which were delivered to the defendant’s Middletown home,” he told the court.

Baker credited the work of the university’s chief audit executive in uncovering the theft. He said the case was difficult because Bradley falsified expense reports and signed them and committed credit card fraud.

“It pays to be wary of things like this, and organizations need to be careful who you give credit cards to,” says Barker. “Easy… especially if it’s not from your account. Then it suddenly goes from a necessary purchase to a frivolous thing, as in this case.

Items Bradley bought with the university credit card included massage chairs, random items at Walmart, trips to Destin and Miami in Florida, Apple watches, iPads and $1,000 for a birthday party at Topgolf, Baker said.

Full restitution has been made to the university. One of the items seized for damages was an $89.99 soundbar, Barker said.

The sentence was set for May 10 by Judge Greg Howard. A maximum sentence of 12 months is possible for fifth degree crimes, but is not mandatory. Bradley is free by his own admission.

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