Gasbuddy – GasBuddy, one of Ad Age’s Hottest Brands of 2022, Provides Cost Insights for Impulse Buys

With gasoline prices set to hit record highs later this year, any product aimed at helping consumers save money at the pump will have an opportunity, and GasBuddy, an app that tells consumers how much gas costs per gallon, is Of course. Areas are clear at a glance – and usually correct.



The problem is, consumers always hated buying gasoline; they hate him even more now. This is the drive data included in the GasBuddy app download. The app typically gets about 25,000 downloads a month, surging to 145,000 in March when gas prices first rose. The transition to paid membership levels, and programs like Pay with GasBuddy that offer discounts on every gas purchase, are also on the rise. Paying with GasBuddy, in particular, is an economic benefit to parent company PDI Software, which charges a transaction fee proportional to the size of the purchase.

Gasbuddy Introduces “park With Gasbuddy,” Extending Its Core Consumer Promise Of Savings On Gasoline To Now Include Discounted Off Street Parking Nationwide

Brandon Logsdon, president of PDI Consumer Solutions, said the benefits that the GasBuddy app offers businesses are similar. The company also owns Fuel Rewards, a leading retail price rollback service that offers fuel discounts on behalf of grocery stores and other organizations as part of its loyalty offering.

“Gas has proven over time to be a really reliable source for brands because buying gas, whether it’s $2 a gallon or $4 a gallon, isn’t satisfying,” Logsdon said. “It’s just a measure of how big an acquisition is, and an exclamation point is still useful in times like this.”

While app store review discussions reveal some complaints about privacy and ads in GasBuddy UX, that pales in comparison to outrage over gas prices. Moving away from social media like Twitter, GasBuddy does a great job at this.

Jon Springer is a senior reporter for Ad Age, covering the food and CPG industries. He has previously covered the grocery industry for Winsight and Supermarket News, and is a former sportswriter and columnist for The Cecil Whig, a daily newspaper in Elkton, Maryland. Gas stations across America are running dry. See, it’s keeping people from buying from gas stations that have them now, and it’s a headache to look around for gas stations that are far from where you live or even far from your nearest gas station. Oil shortages have people panicking and people fighting for more oil. The only way to check if a gas station has gas is to call or use an app like GasBuddy.

Gas Prices Could Soon Drop, Gasbuddy Analyst Predicts

Now that it’s out of stock, it’s not a good idea to call the garage because customers have so many calls that they can temporarily turn off their phones until the problem is resolved. Judging from the current situation, the number of downloads of the GasBuddy app has increased, and it has become the first app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for the first time, which shows how scarce fuel is.

However, due to the rapid increase in the number of users, there are times when the app stops working and the fear train starts up again. So, to avoid this train, we’re going to have to look at the best selection of GasBuddy (aka GasBuddy and other apps) available on the App Store and Play Store.

Now everyone knows about Waze and uses it as an alternative to Google Maps. But in addition to community-updated tips and other content, you’ll also be able to find stations and their current prices, as well as whether gas is available. Since the information is crowded, it is updated as it changes. The app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It is one of the best GasBuddy alternatives.


This is a very important app related to car insurance. In addition to insurance, it offers disaster relief and fuel delivery services, as well as member discounts, among other services. Why did you choose this app? Well, note all the good stuff, it also shows that you have a price and can get it from gas stations all over the US. It’ll even tell you which stores have gas, and it’s good for EVs too, as it tells you where the next charging station is and how far it is from your current location. You can get the app for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Pay With Gasbuddy® Surpasses 1 Million Users

Gas Guru is another app like GasBuddy. It does not rely on the public to obtain fuel prices from their current location. Fuel prices are pulled directly from the fuel price service. The reason this is a plus is because you always get new prices, and those prices are always correct. Additionally, it will show you directions to the nearest and cheapest gas stations. Also, if you feel the need to tell your friends about the cheapest gas prices, you can use social media to advertise. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Drivvo is your all-in-one car management app and the next choice on the list of best apps like GasBuddy. It lets you keep track of details such as debts, repair bills, and everything related to your car. It will also show you the cheapest and closest gas stations for you to fill up. It also gives you an estimate of when and where you need to fill up, based on your car and its mileage. The app contains some advertisements, which can be removed via in-app purchase. Free download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This is an app that does the same thing as Drivvo but with better performance. For starters, it has no ads, no in-app purchases, and best of all, a free download from the Google Play Store. Of course, it has all the benefits like traffic control, cost control and fuel cost and so on. You can add multiple vehicles to your account and even track them via GPS. You can export this data as CSV which you can view in the software.

This is another car insurance policy that not only lets you buy insurance, but also provides a wealth of information about your car, keeps track of your expenses, and lets you save your card ID digitally on an app. Well, it will also tell you all about the closest and cheapest gas stations in and around your area. It’s free to download and available on the Apple App Store. Love the Google Play Store.

Gasbuddy Payment Tool Tops 1 Million Users

Well, this is a great app for MapQuest and the next app on the list of best apps like GasBuddy. As it says in the name. It lets you plan all your trips, reservations and everything else during your long drive. The app also shows you details about current traffic conditions, alternative routes and most importantly fuel prices in and around your location. This is a great free app to download and find out where you can get gas and how much. It is available as a free download on Android and iOS.

This is another car control app that does its job perfectly. Like all other apps like Gasbuddy, this app helps you remember your expenses, gas usage and other services you need and when your car is due. there are some problems. Oh, and it tells you gas prices and where to get the cheapest gas for your car. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store and offers in-app purchases that allow you to remove ads, use widgets, and export and send files to the app.

These are the best apps like GasBuddy to keep your phone informed about gas prices and fuel availability. Unfortunately, fuel shortages have intensified during the pandemic. The best way to help reduce fuel shortages is to not hoard and store fuel like it is the end of the world. You are unlikely to escape from a zombie attack. Be generous and put the oil where you need it and save some for someone who might need it because of some situation or something like that. We will update this list if new applications are released during the gas shortage.


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How To Get More Points On Gasbuddy: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

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