How a business credit card program can grow your business

3. Earn rewards.

Businesses can enjoy competitive rewards when paying by card that other forms of payment, such as checks and money transfers, don’t offer. Business owners get unlimited rewards with business credit cards from US Bank, which can contribute to their profits and even create a source of passive income for the business. “We added rewards to the bottom line,” says Hasso. Redemption is flexible, depending on business needs. Prizes can be in the form of a credit in the account or a deposit to a checking account. One company employs two additional employees with its savings from gifts. Other companies use gifts to buy inventory or expand business. “We help small businesses grow,” says Hasso.

4. Adjust the approach.

Every business has unique needs, which is why a personalized approach is important to help them achieve their goals. As a trusted partner, US Bank conducts a thorough discovery process to meet client needs. “We recommend the right products to deliver targeted business solutions and deliver value,” said Hasso. US Bank offers different card programs for different situations. Identifying the right card program that aligns with company spending is the best way to maximize value. Working with a US Bank Business Card Consultant, businesses will get a full expense analysis to determine the best solution for optimizing value. “The program is flexible,” Hasso said.

Another example: Business owners may not be aware that many vendors accept credit card payments. US Bank Business Card Consultants work with their clients to compile vendor files to determine if the vendor accepts credit cards. They will help businesses determine which vendors they should pay via credit card to maximize their revenue. “We provide customized value for our clients,” says Hasso.

Mobilizing employees is easy with account management tools. US Bank can help business owners manage expenses with customized alerts to mark payments due, schedule transactions, and other controls. For example, the client can specify which vendors are approved for the card. Limits can be set on the maximum authorizations per day for employees, as well as when the card can be used. “We provide peace of mind to business owners,” says Hasso. ‘They are responsible for how and when cards are used.”

5. Dedicated expertise to maximize value.

US Bank works with its customers to determine operating costs and credit limits for business cards. “It’s important to evaluate how expenses are placed on the balance sheet,” Hasso said. “Daily fees paid from business credit card programs do not charge per diem interest,” explains Hasso. As long as the balance is paid in full each month, there is no interest expense. He added that the bank also provides unlimited rewards so businesses can maximize their revenue with the credit card that suits them best. “We find out what the client needs,” he says.

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