Kd Trade

Kd Trade – The Brooklyn Nets are the first team to be eliminated from the playoffs this season and are the only team to advance past the first round after losing to the Boston Celtics in Game 4. Things are not looking good for the Nets, who were the preseason favorites to win the championship, but now they have several questions from the top. all the way down.

Coach Steve Nash, the health of Ben Simmons and the roster outside of the All-Stars are major concerns for the Nets. At least Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s relationship is still intact and not in any danger, as he said on Monday. However, speculation may follow them in the offseason, as trade rumors and possible coaching changes become public.

Kd Trade

Kd Trade

It’s back on, with one fan suggesting a trade that could see the Nets part ways with Kevin Durant. It’s a crazy idea, but it would see KD reunite with his old teammates in Golden State. The Warriors are on their way to the playoffs so far, advancing to the Western Conference semifinals after an impressive first series against the Denver Nuggets, but the team could be the worst of all time with Kevin Durant.

Durant Requests Trade From Nets, Lists Suns As One Of Preferred Teams

This trade will see Brooklyn get two pieces of the future in Miles Bridges and Jordan Poole, along with other picks, while the Charlotte Hornets will reportedly be building Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman for the future. The biggest winner could be the Warriors, who can get Durant back and at the same time have a lineup that keeps the league tied for two straight seasons. Fans did not really believe the commercial, the experience was unusual and different.

“KD joins his real team. “It’s a win for all three teams, but I’m not trading Poole. “Let’s be real. Any trade that involves KD going to Golden State and not Klay, Steph or Draymond is a win for the Warriors.” “Poole is the future of the franchise. I’d rather have a future than sell a ring right now.” “Good trade for both teams though tbh.” “KD is no longer welcome in Golden State. I think he likes Poole.” “I’d better get the Warriors.” “Why do the Warriors want to get old?” “Bridges is not going to replace Brother Wiseman.” “I think the Nets would want more than all the good trades.” ” This is very rare. The Hornets will provide an extra time of 100 miles. They built this season. KD will not return to GS.” “Poole will remain in GS.”

It’s highly unlikely that KD will return to GSW any time soon, or, that he’ll blow up the great mix of veteran and young fighters he currently has, but it’s fun to think about. The Hornets would love to add more pieces around LaMelo Ball, but in Brooklyn, losing KD would also mean losing Kyrie which would mean they could destroy the current version of their franchise. It’s an interesting idea, but there’s not much more to it than that.

Anthony Davis’ numbers over the last 10 games are proof that he is playing at an MVP level. Kevin Durant’s trade request is the most talked about NBA news this season. However, Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai was able to talk Durant down, keep him on the team, and do it without trading Kyrie Irving or Ben Simmons or firing Steve Nash and Sean Marks. Everything looked good at the Barclays Center starting this season.

Kevin Durant Trade Request: 3 Teams That Need To Go All Out For Superstar

Now, however, the Nets are 2-6, Nash is out, Ime Udoka could be in, Simmons is injured and Irving has been suspended for at least five games for controversy stemming from his posting of an anti-Semitic picture on social media. . With everything burning around him, could another Durant burnout be behind him? To preface this story that seems to be coming soon, let’s take a look at some potential trades for Kevin Durant if the superstar wants to leave Brooklyn again.

A new trade request from Kevin Durant could mean the 12-time All-Star believes the Nets are a sinking ship and is desperate to get out. On the flip side, this would make him less selective about where he does business. The Nets have yet to send him to the Pistons, but we think Durant will open up a few options for himself this time around.

For the Nets, the team needs to do a lot better, bringing back young players and options around Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at three potential trades for Kevin Durant if he decides to request a trade.

Kd Trade

As far as young players go, this is probably the best thing the Nets can do for Durant. In Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson, the Nets get ready-made young wings that make Brooklyn a 3-D team around Irving. A starting lineup of Irving, Simmons, Bridges, Johnson and Nic Claxton makes perfect sense, and the game could be competitive in the East.

Why Every Kevin Durant Trade Suitor Is Low Balling The Nets In Offers For Superstar Forward

As for the Suns, they go all in on Chris Paul’s final season and solve their Jae Crowder problem at the same time. Because they are giving up two young starters, the Suns don’t have to throw as many wings as most teams. Let’s call two lottery keepers and trade between them.

That gives the Suns a starting five of Paul, Durant, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton and Damion Lee (or someone else), who should be NBA favorites in 2022-23 and maybe a year or two after that.

The two teams could also wait until Ayton is due to be traded on December 15th to try to do something with him that is included.

If the Nets prioritize picking players in the Kevin Durant trade, the Pelicans are the team they should negotiate with. New Orleans has the first pick and the Lakers pick 2023, the first two picks in 2024, the first two picks in 2025, the first pick in 2026, and the first two rounds. around 2027, according to Sports Illustrated.

Kevin Durant Explains Trade Request In Summer, Says He’s Enjoying His Time With Nets More Now Despite Turmoil

If the Pelicans want to add Durant to Zion Williamson and CJ McCollum and try to run with that core (and teams can talk KD into going to the Big Easy), this is probably the best thing the Nets can do in terms of future picks. .

However, these products are not optional. Ingram is a good player and could fit in well with Irving and Simmons as a back-to-back with Durant. If the Nets made this trade, they could experiment a bit and see if they could be better off with a younger, better defensive player like Ingram.

If that doesn’t work out, the Nets could trade fire at the deadline and get back more of Ingram’s assets.

Kd Trade

Remember when Brooklyn had a James Harden problem and Philadelphia had a Ben Simmons problem? Sean Marks and Daryl Morey got together and dealt with it by selling these players. Why not do it again after Kevin Durant’s next trade request?

Inflation Is Rocking The Economy—and Kevin Durant’s Trade Market

The Sixers and Nets have both gotten off to a sluggish start and are not looking as good as they are now, with Harden’s foot injury causing problems. Trading Kevin Durant to Philly would shake up both teams and put the Nets on a rebuilding path with the young and promising Tyrese Maxey, as well as Matisse Thybulle.

There are some issues here, especially on the Nets’ side. Tobias Harris has two years left on his contract, which doesn’t make him an asset until next season, and the 76ers don’t have a ton of trade options, since the Nets already have Harden under contract.

All that said, if the Nets are desperate to land KD, Marks could turn to Morey again to see if they can work out a deal. Although the Golden State Warriors have been linked with the possibility of reuniting with Kevin Durant, fans and experts do not see it as the right move because of what it takes to get the big player. However, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, KD’s deal with the Dubs is still a possibility.

Speaking on the Dan Patrick Show, Windhorst said a deal with Durant is still “under discussion” within the Warriors organization. Although Stephen Curry has reportedly not commented on KD’s possible return to Golden State, it is important to note that he has not voiced his objections.

Kevin Durant Requests Trade From Nets

“There are official sources in the league who tell me that there are discussions [about Kevin Durant with the Warriors],” Windhorst explained. “First of all, the Warriors have always believed in openness. The Warriors have shown that they don’t care about their losses. “This has been a conversation within the Warriors organization. [Stephen] Curry has been asked about this and Curry has not responded.

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