Madhya Pradesh woman falls for a new SBI credit card scam, loses Rs 23,000 from bank account

New Delhi,UPDATED: Apr 4, 2023 3:27 PM IST

By Divya Bhati: Every day, new cases of cyber fraud are reported to Cyber ​​Cell. People are losing lakhs due to unknown scammers who take advantage of emerging technologies and lack of awareness among people. Literally, no one is safe from these cyber hawks. Despite all the awareness and familiarity with viral scams, people still tend to fall into their traps. And when we say nothing is safe, we mean it – a recent cyber-fraud case proves it even further as this time a cyber fraudster managed to con a police officer.

In a recently reported case of cyber fraud, a policewoman from Madhya Pradesh lost Rs 23,000 in credit card fraud. According to The Free Press Journal, a police officer named Lakshmi Tomar who served at the police inspector’s office was conned by scammers on the pretext of increasing her credit card limit.

Scammers share offers to increase credit card limits

The report revealed that Tomar received calls on his phone from an unidentified man who identified himself as an officer of a credit company. He offered Tomar a plan where he could increase his SBI credit card limit. The caller spoke to Tomar so professionally that he liked the offer and asked him to share his process for increasing his credit card limit.

Scammers ask for details for further processing

The scammer then asks Tomar to share some details, such as his ID details and bank account information, to start the process. Tomar shared all the details and within minutes received a message informing him of an unauthorized transaction of Rs 23,000 from his bank.

Block bank account and report to cyber cell

Tomar immediately called the scammer back to the phone number he had previously received, but no one answered. Realizing he has been tricked by cyber scams, Tomar files a complaint to cyber cell and has his bank account blocked.

In particular, as a police officer, Tomar is careful about cyber fraud. But when he meets the fraudster, he is unable to discern whether he has received a call from a real or fake credit office.

Don’t be fooled by spam calls

KYC cases, electricity bills and even credit cards are nothing new. Thousands of people receive calls regarding credit card schemes every day. While some ignore it, others don’t pick up on these scam calls. However, some end up in a trap and lose money. Here I want to emphasize that not all calls related to credit cards are fake and sometimes banks make people aware about schemes and so on. However, through these calls, the bank only informs their customers and does not ask for any personal details or initiate the process over the phone or online.

It is also worth noting that, before, these scammers used to speak not very good hindi or english but now even they have some skills. They will talk to people in such a promising way that it is often difficult for anyone to realize they are talking to a con. To avoid falling for such callers, it is better not to entertain them too much and, if you really like a scheme, go to your bank or their official website or app and ask the actual bank executive directly for details.

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