Opinion | The rich are saved again. The poor are on their own.

The front pages of March 12 tell the stark stories of the winners and losers in the United States. I’m worried about the different ways insurance companies have reacted to two different crises.

Meanwhile the federal government is considering bailing out all the companies and individuals that may have lost millions with the Silicon Valley Bank failure [“Bailout debated in bank collapse”]what is now said to be happening, in Florida, may be thousands of individual homeowners being conned by private insurance companies who refuse to compensate those who were insured fairly for the damage caused by Hurricane Ian [“After hurricane Ian, insurers cut payouts for Fla. residents”].

Once again, the rich are saved while the poor are fed to the sharks. I am ashamed to see this glaring inequality and injustice. Are we going to accept this for what the United States has become?

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