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Pet owners who take out the Pets On Me luxury plan for pet insurance are awarded a 100% reimbursement rate on vet bills, which is a higher percentage than most other pet insurance providers Forbes Advisor compares.

However, the maximum annual claims limit is on par with Australia’s pet insurance industry standard: being $15,000 per year. In addition, the provider does not offer GapOnly services to customers – whereby the policyholder is only required to pay the excess. Instead, those with Pets On Me pet insurance are required to pay up front and claim the cost back.

Pets On Me, like many other providers, also does not automatically include regular maintenance in its Deluxe Package. However, it offers health add-ons that include some routine care services like vaccinations, microchipping and more.

Further details on inclusion and exclusion of the Pets On Me Deluxe Pets Insurance Plan are outlined below.

Is Spaying and Neutering Covered?

Pets On Me considers spaying and neutering (desexing) as part of routine grooming which, as noted, is not automatically included in its Deluxe Package; however, it is one of the services listed in its optional health add-on.

What About Older Pets?

Pets On Me does not cover older pets. The policy, including the Deluxe Package, only covers pets under eight years and 11 months. Cover may begin for pets over eight weeks of age.

Is there a Sub-Limit for Tick Paralysis?

There is no sub-limit for tick paralysis. Instead, Pets On Me includes a tick paralysis fee in its annual coverage limit.

Are Teeth Covered?

Yes, dental care is covered by the Deluxe Pets On Me Package. The annual limit is $500, and is only available after a six month waiting period.

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