Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps Shakes It Up

Keep the policy current. That’s all we have to say. Except for everything we’re about to say.

Welcome to PYMNT Insurance Application Provider Rating. We’re glad you’re here, so come join the rankings that are already underway.

Top 5

If this is 2023, it is Progressive lead at No. 1. For now.

As safe as the house on the No.2 Country Farm. The two of them didn’t budge.

Now for our (and yours) favorite tie. It’s at No. 3 and involves GEICO app (already rated) is now carpooling with Allstate Mobile.

Liberty Mutual Mobile up to No. 4, which is good for them.

Finishing the Top 5 with vaguely patriotic overtones is USAA Mobile at No. 5.

Top 10

From here, it’s easy, starting with Safeco Mobileclimbed three very respectable chart positions to No. 6.

Next is jerry: car insurance app, down one point but still a player.

Lemonade insurance solid at No. 8. No change.

The hits keep coming with another series, this one is pitting AMFAM oppose Farmer at No. 9.

No apps mapped out last month, very well done there.

Mobile Traveler sticking to the No. 1 chart position. 10, as was the case last month.

That’s consistency, friends.

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