SmartMetric the Maker of Biometric Fingerprint Activated Credit Cards Says Research Shows Credit Card Fraud Causes Direct Damage to the Card Issuing Brand and its Relationship to its Credit Card Customers

NEW YORK, March 28, 2023–(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)–SmartMetric, Inc. (OTC: SMME) – In the case of damage to the card issuing bank caused by financial fraud such as credit card theft, the loss far outweighs the direct financial loss for both. bank and bank card customers.


When asked how they felt about being scammed, consumer respondents (69%) said they felt afraid for their personal financial security. An even greater number felt frustrated and irritated (81%) whereas those who felt angry or angry were (58%).

These figures show that the emotions surrounding financial fraud are serious and significant on the minds of bank customers when they become victims of credit card fraud. The damage to the Bank’s brand and customer relationships stemming from incidents of card fraud, according to the figures of this study, is serious.

“The economic costs as a consequence to card issuing banks related to fraud can be more long-lasting and more expensive than direct losses from instances of fraud,” said SmartMetric President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick.



Frustration or annoyance


Fears about my personal financial security


Anger or anger


Feeling helpless or powerless


Losing the ability to trust


The feeling of betrayal


Shame or shame


Source: Identity Theft Resource Center

SmartMetric has created a biometric protected credit card that provides a more secure card payment experience for card issuer customers. The SmartMetric credit card has a built-in fingerprint scanner that reads the card user’s fingerprint and activates the card’s EMV chip when inserted into a retail card reader or ATM. Only authorized cardholders can use the card.

According to consumer research commissioned by SmartMetric, 80% of card users are concerned about card fraud and identity theft. The same research on credit card holders shows that 68% of credit card holders will pay for a biometric credit card.

SmartMetric is offering its cards to credit card issuing banks who will in turn offer new biometric cards to their customers seeking greater protection.

SmartMetric is in the final stages of production of its newly revised and improved biometric credit card with it’s built in nano fingerprint reader. The nano fingerprint reader inside the card is used to scan the cardholder’s fingerprint. Only after the fingerprints match will the credit or debit card work.

Since the SmartMetric biometric card has an internal rechargeable solid state hybrid battery, enrolling a new user’s fingerprint is as easy as setting up biometric access on a smartphone. No special fingerprint reader or trip to the bank is required for new cardholders to enroll and embed their fingerprints on their new SmartMetric biometric card. Another big advantage of the standalone SmartMetric biometric card is that because it doesn’t rely on the card reader to perform the fingerprint reading function, it can operate a fingerprint scan of a person’s fingerprints before they insert them into the reader. This is especially important for use at most ATMs and gas stations which have readers that swallow the card so that the card cannot work without scanning the biometric fingerprint of the card user before being inserted into the card reader.

SmartMetric expects its new biometric cards to come out of the assembly line in mid-April 2023.

According to figures released by credit card standards body EMVco, more than 11 Billion EMV Chip cards have now been issued by financial institutions around the world. SmartMetric biometric technology works with existing EMV chips and existing chip and ATM card readers.

ABOUT SMARTMETRIC BIOMETRIC CARD: Keeping your biometric identity secure is at the core of SmartMetric’s biometric card design. The cardholder’s fingerprint never leaves the card. A person’s fingerprint is stored on the card and the person’s fingerprint matching is done on the card itself. This was a key design requirement of SmartMetric’s biometric card solution which required SmartMetric to build a fully functional fingerprint scanner on the card. Also, to make the card usable in ATM and POS (Point Of Sale) card readers, the SmartMetric development team created the card’s miniature power management system that recharges the card when used in a card reader.

To view the SmartMetric Biometric Card, please follow this link – SmartMetric Biometric Card video

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