Urgent warning over credit card scam that can clean you out of cash even if your plastic never leaves your side

AMERICA has been warned of credit card fraud which can make them vulnerable to theft in crowded places.

Criminals reportedly use common tap-and-go card scanners to steal money from victims without them knowing.

Criminals have used tap-and-go card scanners to steal money from victims without them knowing itCredit: TikTok/official swipeskins
The scam was described in a recent TikTok from SwipeSkins companyCredit: TikTok/official swipeskins

“This literally happened to me in a bar and it’s not fun,” said one TikTok user in a comment.

In the response video, SwipeSkins company discusses exactly how the scam works.

“People think it’s really hard, but it’s a big epidemic going on with these scanners,” the poster said.

“They put it in their pocket, run over you… You just lost money and you don’t know.”

The video scared off many commenters.

“I just checked my account and my $12 is still there,” said one.

“I was scared for a second. I kept getting bumped at the bar last night.”

SwipeSkins makes special metal cards that the company says are less prone to this problem.

But that’s not the only solution.

“RFID blocker in my wallet c’mon it’s not that hard” said another commenter.

A third commenter says situations like this are the reason he arranges text approval for all his credit card purchases.

This is far from the only type of credit card fraud Americans are facing today.

Reports include criminals using credit card skimmers to steal people’s financial information.

The device is designed to steal card data and PIN numbers that are entered after a customer swipes.

Fraudsters can even receive data wirelessly using Bluetooth technology if they are close enough to the device.

Police in Everett, Washington, have posted a warning about the device to Facebook.

“Look at the Point of Sale device and even pull it up to see if the overlay is in place,” police said.

It’s also important for shoppers to cover their PIN by hand when entering it, even if the device can secure the information wirelessly.

Experts also advise people to use ATMs inside banks whenever possible, as skimmers have also been seen in less secure outside machines.

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