Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting

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If you want to get god-like bandwidth and access ping Valhalla while playing with friends, setting up a dedicated Valheim server is recommended.

Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting

Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting

With over 2 million copies sold and hundreds of thousands of concurrent players on Steam in the weeks since its launch, Walheim already has a huge following.

How To Add/install Mods To A Valheim Server

While you can enjoy Walheim solo, where the game comes in is playing alone with others. If you are serious about being part of a team that wants to come and go from a country with a large hosting, the Valheim dedicated server system may be for you.

We cover why you might want a dedicated server at Wallheim, what it takes to get it up and running, a step-by-step setup process, and how to join a dedicated server once everything is done.

Also, if all of this seems overwhelming right now, here’s a quick tutorial on how to host a public meeting on your current computer as well.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides to building a platform, find flint and iron, and find a workbench in Walheim.

Valheim Servers: How To Host A Dedicated Server, Multiplayer, Public Servers, Co Op & More

It is good to introduce this article by saying that you can play Walheim very well without going through the effort of setting up a dedicated server.

If you have a good gaming rig and a good internet connection and want to play the game regularly with some friends, you can easily handle the game alone. Here are the steps to follow:

It’s straightforward – but it’s not the best choice if you have high ambitions. Valheim supports up to 10 players in co-op, and in our experience, local servers can suffer from lag and connection issues.

Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting

If you’re familiar with Minecraft, you’ve probably seen locally hosted server issues when entering the Nether or going away from spawn – that’s why hosting a dedicated server can be an attractive option.

How To Upload A Valheim Game World On A Dedicated Server

One of the biggest advantages of a dedicated server over a local server is its durability. It can run as long as you want without playing Walheim from a guest online.

This means your friends can farm resources and explore while you’re away, so it’s easy to play with a group of friends who have cheat sheets in different time zones.

Hosting a server can be taxing, so some players choose to run their dedicated servers on a separate server computer, built for the sole purpose of hosting the game.

This means that it is not a deal breaker for their great performance, and they can turn off the computer they are playing on without shutting down access for other members of the group.

How To Upload Your Existing World To A Dedicated Valheim Server

However, you should be aware that running the computer all the time to host a dedicated server will drain your electricity and bandwidth – so clear this with your biller before you start, especially if you’re on a service with a data cap.

On the game’s store page, Iron Gate recommends playing with 3-5 players, but there are no official server requirements from the developers.

Without this information, it is not known if the servers power is tied to PC hardware, bandwidth, or game code, but the more power you throw at it, the better. Please note that the game is in early access and is still being developed.

Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting

Also, if you’re playing with someone who has a very poor internet connection, they (and by proxy, everyone in the group) will undoubtedly experience lag no matter what you do.

Valheim Multiplayer: How To Set Up A Dedicated Server

For example, I have 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps download internet, Ryzen 5 3600 and 16 GB of RAM and my server worked well with two other players.

This sounds like a good starting point, but your mileage may vary. Since Wallheim is not in high demand, players on reddit say that they can host the server on normal dual-core CPU rigs, so if you have an old, but old computer, you might want to see if you can use it for production. the world is stable – but whatever your situation is.

On the game’s store page, Iron Gate notes that if players want to run a dedicated server and don’t want to host it themselves, they can pay rent from G-Portal, a site that offers dedicated servers to Valheim. .

This is an option if you have the money to spend and don’t want to jump through any technical hoops. If not – let’s see how we can prepare things for our dedicated server.

How To Setup A Valheim Dedicated Server

This is an optional step and you can do it easily if you want to start from scratch, but if you have already worked on the world in multiplayer or single player and want to use it on your dedicated server, here is how to change it. Sold out.

Go to the C:Users[USER]AppDataLocalLowIronGateValheimworlds folder and copy the .db, .db.old and .fwl files to the same folder on the computer you are playing the game on. .

If you happen to get a dedicated server on another computer that you play on, you can leave the base files there. Once you’ve done that, specify the name of the default server you want to use in the dedicated server’s start_headless_server’ file to use it.

Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting

If you have Valheim, you also have Valheim dedicated server tool. To find it on Steam, in the ‘Search Results’ widget, switch to ‘Tools’, then type Valheim in the search box to find it.

Best Valheim Server Hosting For Rent (2022)

Download and follow the steps below. These commands assume that the user is trying to create a server on a Windows PC, so we use:

2. Right click and copy and paste the ‘start_headless_server’ file to a safe directory so that it can be restored if you make a mistake.

4. Change the -name tag from “My server” to whatever name you want to call your server, but keep the quotation marks. Example: “Walheim Balls”.

5. Change the -world tag from “Dedicated” to something that doesn’t conflict with the server name. Save the downloads. Example: “Friends Vikings”.

Valheim Dedicated Server Setup: How To Host And Join Dedicated Servers Explained

6. Change the -password tag from “Secret” to whatever you want without conflicting with the above and save the ‘start_headless_server’ file.

7. Go to, find your router brand, enter your router software, and forward TCP/UDP ports 2456-2458 on the host PC. The process varies from user to user, but documentation is easily available online. Make sure Walheim is not blocked on your firewall as well.

8. Run Valheim dedicated server on Steam. A CMD box will appear and you have to wait until it brings up the line [DATE] [TIME]: The game server is connected.

Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting

If you want to join a dedicated server in Walheim – yours or someone else’s – then follow these steps:

How To Fix Valheim’s Multiplayer Lag On Dedicated Servers

1. Start Walheim, wait for a while, then check the list of services under the Add Game tab.

And there you have it. With that, you will have everything you need to get started and play on your dedicated server in Walheim.

From here, you can call home and start searching for Valhalla with your fellow Norse 24/7. Enjoy! If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.

How to set up a dedicated server for Wallheim? Walheim took the survival game scene by storm upon its release, breaking new player records every few days. With the recent release of the Hearth & Home update, players who fell for this unexpected event earlier this year are returning in droves to experience the new. Much of the appeal comes from the ease with which you can set up your Wallheim dedicated server and play with your friends.

How To Fix Valheim Dedicated Server Not Showing Up Error?

This Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting walkthrough explains how to convert your current host into a dedicated server, how to move-forward and allow ports through your firewall, how to make yourself an administrator, and how your friends can join when you stop. your game.

Download and install the Valheim Dedicated Server Tool on Steam (available if you have Valheim). Right-click the tool in your Steam library and go to “Admin -> Browse Local Files”.

In the window that appears, find the name “start_headless_server”, save it, and then release it. Find the line that starts with “valheim_server” and replace the following parts (each inside quotes):

Valheim Dedicated Server Hosting

These are the three parameters you need to change in the “start_headless_server” file to set up your own custom Valheim dedicated server.

Valheim Save: How To Save & Server File Location

There are some steps to take before turning your current Valheim world into a dedicated server.

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