Zensurance Extends Commercial Auto and Fleet Vehicle Insurance Options to Atlantic Canada

Business owners and self-employed professionals in New Brunswick, Newfoundland And Labradors, Nova ScotiaAnd Prince Edward Island can now quickly get the commercial car coverage they need at affordable prices online.

TORONTO, February 22, 2023 /CNW/ – Small business owners, self-employed contractors, and company employees who use their own vehicles to work throughout Canadian Atlantic now have the opportunity to save up to 35 percent on the commercial auto insurance or fleet vehicle insurance coverage they need sensors, Canada Your leading source for small business insurance.

Contrary to popular belief, private passenger car insurance policies are not designed to cover damage and loss to vehicles used for business purposes. While commercial auto policies provide coverage similar to personal passenger policies, commercial auto insurance policies have higher coverage limits for any vehicle owned by the company or used for business purposes, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and trailers.

For businesses with five or more vehicles, it is cheaper and more effective to cover them with a commercial fleet vehicle insurance policy.

“For every small business owner, independent contractor, or anyone working in any industry Canadian Atlantic who depend on their vehicle to do their job, a commercial auto insurance policy is an essential cover that must cover the cost of damage or injury from a collision or loss resulting from an unforeseen incident,” said to Joe Sarra, licensed insurance broker and Team Lead, Contractors, Zensurance. “If you use your vehicle to transport packaged goods, raw materials, equipment and supplies or people, your auto insurance policy is unlikely to cover any claims you file for damage or loss. That puts you at risk of paying damages on the vehicle and possibly the driver’s vehicle another if you get into an accident. Such dire circumstances could lead to a business owner or individual to declare bankruptcy.”

While statutory coverage and coverage limits on basic or standard commercial auto policies may vary by province, commercial auto insurance policies typically cover third party liability, accident benefits, direct compensatory property damage, and uninsured auto coverage.

However, Sarraino recommends including optional coverage to enhance commercial auto policy coverage, including collision or distraction coverage (paying to repair or replace your vehicle if the total loss after a collision with another driver at fault for the accident) and comprehensive coverage (paying for damage to the vehicle caused by fire, bad weather, vandalism, collisions with animals that dart in front of you, and theft).

“For most people, driving is the most dangerous thing they do. Any time you get behind the wheel, you run the risk of having a crash no matter how careful you are as a driver,” adds Sarraino. “In addition, commercial vehicle drivers tend to drive longer distances more frequently and are on the road more frequently than other motorists. Plus, they usually bring expensive equipment or people with them.

“That’s why small business owners and self-employed professionals need to consider the risks they face regarding their auto insurance and ensure they have commercial auto insurance to protect themselves, their vehicle and their finances.”

It only takes a few minutes for business owners and self-employed professionals to get a free quote for their commercial or fleet vehicle insurance needs by visiting Zensurance.com to fill out an online application.

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